New Features in GistPal 2.9

July 07, 2021

GistPal has a new icon and UI that fits into the Big Sur style. We add support for Github Enterprise. Now you could use a personal access token to log in to your account. The new version is renovated for Big Sur and added theme support. There is the full list of new features:

  • Add Github Enterprise support.
  • New App Icon and new UI.
  • Theme and Dark mode support.
  • Code format-on-paste feature.
  • Markdown to-do list support.
  • A better tab system to support multiple files.

New Features in GistPal 2.8.1

May 27, 2019

  • Bug fixes and GitHub authentication logic improvements.

New Features in GistPal 2.8

May 27, 2019

GistPal 2.8 brings numerous enhancements to your code editing experience.

  • Tab support — The app now supports tab bar.
  • We bring more editor option in this new version. Better glyph drawing, better editing, better syntax coloring and more.
  • We bring GitHub flavored markdown into this new version. Now it can display a task list.
  • Mojave Dark Mode — Tweaked dark mode of GistPal for both UI and code content view.
  • Download Gist files menu item.
  • Improved synchronization logic.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

New Features in GistPal 2.7

Nov 7, 2018

This update brings full support for macOS Mojave and introduces a stunning dark mode for GistPal.

  • GistPal will automatically switch between light and dark mode based on the appearance you've chosen in the macOS system Preferences.
  • Full support for macOS Mojave.
  • CSV preview — This app now supports CSV preview.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

New Features in GistPal 2.6.1

Feb 5, 2018

  • macOS High Sierra support
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Stability improvements

New Features in GistPal 2.5.1

Nov 17, 2016

  • macOS Sierra compatibility.
  • New slick icon.
  • New UI details.
  • Added text block shift shortcut command [ and command ].
  • Fixed Android Studio or IntelliJ copied code caused formatting errors.
  • Fixed Unicode line separator(\u2028) caused code formatting error.
  • Fixed saving gist does not update local content issue.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and Improved stability.

New Features in GistPal 2.5

May 21, 2015

  • Fixed multiple files caused save error.
  • Fixed multiple files caused markdown preview error.
  • Move markdown preview function to cloud-based service.

New Features in GistPal 2.4

May 13, 2015

  • Fixed the wrong window position issue for multiple monitors.
  • Performance and Stability Improvements.

New Features in GistPal 2.3


  • Yosemite compatibility.
  • Minor bugs fix.

New Features in GistPal 1.8


  • Fixed markdown preview error in new gist window
  • Adjusted new gist window position

New Features in GistPal 1.7

Dec 21, 2013

  • Redesign UI
  • Added markdown preview function
  • Added multiple files post function
  • Added auto-sort after action function
  • Fixed filename with newline cause layout problem
  • Fixed window resize problem

New Features in GistPal 1.6

Dec 18, 2013

  • Added launch at login detection
  • Fixed first launch connection error
  • Fixed feedback without email address problem

New Features in GistPal 1.5

Aug 23, 2013

  • Added code editing function
  • Added sorting by edit time function
  • Added filter keyword highlight function
  • Added multiple file separator
  • Fixed deleted file caused problem
  • Fixed reload problem
  • Fixed matlab source file syntax highlight problem

New Features in GistPal 1.3

Aug 04, 2013

  • Added copy link context menu item
  • Added copy JavaScript code context menu item
  • Added share context menu item
  • Added feedback main menu item
  • Added rate main menu item
  • Added private table column
  • Tweak for code structure and speed
  • Fixed many problem caused by internet connection error

New Features in GistPal 1.0

Mar 05, 2013

  • First release on Mac App Store