Q I lost my license code. Can you send it to me?

No problem! Enter the e-mail address you used for your order, and we'll beam the code into your inbox right away. If you forgot the address you registered with, let us know what order info you do have and we'll try to look it up by hand.

Q How can I transfer my license code to my new Mac?

Enter the e-mail address you used for your order, and we'll send the reset email into your inbox right away. Once reset successfully, you may use the very same license code in your new Mac

Q How long does it take to get my license information?

You will receive your license information once your sales transaction has been completed. The length of time that it takes your transaction to be completed depends on your method of payment.

When you order via Paypal, if you have funds available or instant funding source, your purchase should complete shortly. If an eCheck is used, it may take up to 5 business days for the transaction to complete.

Our system will send your license code email once the order is completed.

Q I have an awesome idea for your apps. How do I tell you about it?

Click here to email us your ideas and suggestions. We're happy to hear what you think!

Q What is your upgrade policy? Can I install on multiple Macs?

Once your purchased Beyondcow's app you can upgrade for free. Licenses are personal. Installing your license on limited number (this number is the seat's number on the purchasing page) of Macs is fine. Separating key will be revoked.

Q I have another question that isn't covered here…

Sure! Send us your question and we'll answer as best as we can. We'll extend this FAQ as new questions pop up.